Creative process :

Curious to better know your project to bring an adapted and creative answer to your needs, I take as a basis the values you want to pass on, the nature of your goals, the message and identity of your company. To work on your project, is to share your culture.

I wish to understand your needs and wishes. Then, after having impregnated myself with the subject, I put down my first ideas in graphics. Then, going from those ideas which please you, we elaborate jointly the tunings of what will become the final aspect of your project.

I seek the best way to express your needs, taking as a basis the elements you give me. The meeting of your ideas and my imagination will give birth to the visual identity that better matches and represent you.

The recipe for good communication is always based on understanding and personalised solutions. That is the reason why all your communication projects will begin with a meeting to know each other better, on the phone or around a cup of tea.

Background :   

I first followed a education in Decorative Arts ( ECV Bordeaux – School of visual communication)   where I discovered different media – pencils, inks, paintings, watercolours, charcoals, “collages”…- studied  compositions, colorimetry, typography and their importance in different fields of work ( documentaries, sketches, posters, logos, advertising, layouts…)

After three years of a diet made of brushes, portfolio and easel , I joined a school of computer graphics to train as a web and multimedia designer, studying various computer languages ( html, action script, PHP, lingo) and mastering  image treatment on computers (photoshop, illustrator).

In 2007, I settled as a freelance, and from then on, studied every proposition submitted to me with the utmost care. Impassioned with creativity, I like diversifying my work, adapting to various desires and objectives.